Friday, September 17, 2021

Saturday Blog Link Parties

Happy Saturday, bloggers!

Get your party shoes ready, here is a list of Blog Link Parties you can promote your blog posts at today!:

Dare to Share - I'm pretty sure anything goes
Pieced PasttimesDIY, Crafts
Create Bake Make Link Party
Scraptastic Saturday - Mostly DIY
Mini Linky Party - DIY

Link Parties Happening Now - not Specific to Saturday

Upcycled Projects
Happiness is Homemade
Fun Fall Finds

Bloggers Promoting Bloggers Facebook Groups List

I created a Facebook group today for Bloggers to Promote Eachothers content through social media challenges and blog posts.

Bloggers Promoting Bloggers Facebook Group is a group with creative challenges that add value to content and social media pages. I encourage you, dear Reader, fellow Blog Owner or Blog Network Owner, to join my Group so we can help eachother grow!

After you follow, I also encourage you to create a similar group (if you have the time), so we have more challenges to join.

Blogger Promotion Network Facebook Groups List

Bloggers Promoting Bloggers (please join! this one's mine!)
The Social Ninjas
Bloggers Supporting Eachother